Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chocolate Pan Cake with Apple Filling

Pan Cake:
1.     Plain Flour: ¾ cup
2.     Sugar: ¼ cup
3.     Milk: 1 cup (or as required)
4.     Galaxy mini chocolate: 4
5.     Salt: a pinch
6.     Cardamom: 3 (powdered)
7.     Egg: 1
8.     Baking powder: ¼ tsp
9.     Vanilla essence: few drops (optional)
Apple Filling:
1.     Apple: 2
2.     Sugar: 3-4 tsp
3.     Cinnamon powdered: ¼ tsp
4.     Butter: ½ tsp
Method of Preparation:
Pan Cake:
·        Beat the egg well, then add sugar and mix thoroughly.
·        Then add milk, grated chocolate and mix well
·        Then add salt, powdered cardamom, baking powder and essence and mix well.
·        Add flour little by little and make the batter. (the consistency of batter should not so thick and too thin)
·        Heat a pan, take a ladle full batter and make thin pan cakes.
For Filling:
·        Heat butter in a pan, add chopped apples and stir well till the crispiness of the apple moves.
·        Add cinnamon powder, sugar and stir well till the sugar melts. Switch off the flame
·        Take the pan cake and add the required apple filling to it and roll it.
·        Serve hot.
Tip: You can put all the ingredients of pan cake in a blender and blend well. For filling you can replace cinnamon powder to cardamom powder also.

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