Monday, October 31, 2011

Thenga Choru/ Coconut Rice

Par Boiled Rice/ Puzhukkallari: 2 cups
Fenugreek seeds/ Uluva: 4tbsp
Shallots chopped: ¾ -1 cup
Grated coconut: 1 cup
Turmeric powder: ¾ tsp
Salt: needed
Water: 4 cups
Method of Preparation
Mix fenugreek and rice. Wash it well and drain it.
In a cooking pot, add rice, fenugreek, shallots, grated coconut, turmeric powder, salt and water.
Keep on flame and when it boils, put the flame in very low position. Close with an air tight lid.
When water starts evaporating and rice starts coming up, stir frequently.
When rice gets cooked, switch off the flame.

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