Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gothambu Choru


Whole wheat: 1 cup

Rice (par boiled): ½ cup

Cherupayar/ Moong Dal: ¼ cup

Fenu greek seeds: 2tbsp (optional)

Salt: needed

Shallots: 8

Ghee: 3tbsp

Grated Coconut: ¾ cup

Method of Preparation

Mix together wheat, rice, cherupayar, and fenugreek. Wash and drain.

In a pressure cooker add the drained wheat mix; add salt and 3 ½ cups water.

Wait for 1 whistle to come and low the flame and let 2 more whistle come.

Switch off the flame. Let the pressure settle from the cooker.

Heat ghee in a pan, add chopped shallots, when it browns, add this to cooked gothamb chor.

Stir well till it mixes everywhere.

Serve by sprinkling fresh grated coconut.

Sending this to the Kerala kitchen event hosted by Fajeeda of Faji's Hot Pot

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