Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nest Ball

  1. Bread: 5 slices
  2. Vermicelli: ½ cup (if big break into small pieces)
  3. Egg: 1
  4. Oil: deep frying
  1. Onion: 1
  2. Fried chicken (boneless): 1 cup (cut into small pieces) (boiled chicken also will do)
  3. Garam masala: ½ tsp
  4. Green Chilli: 1
  5. Coriander leaves: few
  6. Curry leaves: few
  7. Salt: needed
  8. Oil: 2 tsp
Method of Preparation:
·        Heat oil in a pan; add onion, sauté until golden brown and add chilli and garam masala, sauté for a while. Add chicken pieces and salt; stir for 2-3 minutes. Add chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves.
·        Filling is ready. Keep aside and let it cool.
·        Remove the sides of bread.
·        In a bowl add the egg and beat well.
·        In a separate bowl take vermicelli.
·        Take a slice of bread and take 2 tsp filling and put in the middle.
·        Just press with the hand to make it a ball without the filling coming outside
·         Dip this ball in egg and roll it in vermicelli.
·        Heat oil in a pan and fry it until done.
·        The delicious snack is ready to serve.


ഷഫീക്ക് said...

കൊള്ളാം....ഇനി കാക്കക്കൂട് എപ്പവരും....???

Unknown said...

Assalamaleikum, I'm really glad to discover and follow your blog. Nest balls really sounds delicious.....will definitely try it inshallah. You can visit me at

renu's foodigest said...

simple and easy... kollaam:)

Sherin said...

Looks great dear. New here and happy to follow u. :-)