Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wheat Garlic Rolls

The actual recipe called for plain flour but I replaced with wheat flour, it was really soft and aromatic roll.
Wheat Flour: 2 cups
Warm Water: ¾ cup
Yeast: ¾ tsp
Sugar: 1tsp
Salt: needed
Olive oil: 2tbsp
Garlic Spread: 3tbsp (or as needed)
White sesame seeds: few
Egg/milk: for brushing

Method of Preparation
In a bowl add yeast, ¼ cup warm water and sugar. Keep aside for 10minutes for rising.
In another bowl add wheat flour and salt.
Add 1tbsp olive oil and yeast mix to it.
Add balance warm water and knead to smooth dough. If needed, you can add some more warm water. (The consistency should not be too hard or too sticky.)
Place in a greased bowl and cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for 1 or 1 ½ hours or till it double the size.
Punch the air down. Transfer the dough to a floured surface.
Roll into a round or a rectangle shape.

Spread the garlic spread on top of the shape.

Roll it from one end to the other.

Cut into equal portions.

Place the cut side down up and place it in a greased loaf pan.
Add little garlic spread on top again and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Cover with damp cloth and allow it to rise for another 10-15 minutes.
Brush with egg white/milk.
Preheat the oven and bake to about 25-30 minutes at 1800C or till done, oven time may vary.
Cool on a wire rack and serve hot.
Yummy n aromatic soft roll is ready to serve.


Suja Manoj said...

Love the flavor of garlic..delicious rolls

Priya said...

Yum, garlic rolls are our family favourite..

Torviewtoronto said...

favorite delicious garlic rolls

easyfoodsmith said...

Oh dear! these look so delicious and perfect. You are indeed an awesome cook. Everything you make is sheer perfection :)

Kalpana Sareesh said...

wonderful n falvorful rollss

Rasi said...

they have turned out so well :)

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Square Meals said...

Looks lovely :-)

Aparna from Square Meals

Farah said...

lovely roll....nice twist to garlic bread!

Vimitha Anand said...

Nice flavor filled rolls. would be great with tea

Sravs said...

Delicious rolls !!! Unique too

Anu said...

Nice one with garlic flavor.

Asiya @ Chocolate & Chillies said...

Fantastic! I made similar ones last week and we loved them. But I used all-purpose flour..will have to give it a try with whole wheat!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Delicious and yummy garlic rolls...

Curry and Comfort said...

I love garlic and bread! This looks outstanding! :)

Kit @ i-lostinausten said...

Looks ever so delicious! These rolls will be finished in no time!! We love it! :)

ruchikacooks said...

This is wonderful snack with tea- home made just makes you grab another one without guilt!

maha said...

really healthy n yummy one.looks nice.

Rosh said...

Looks amazing Faseela!

Hema said...

Healthy garlic bread, nice texture, awesome..

Christy Gerald said...

Very inviting Garlic rolls.Truly tempting!

Jaleela said...

yummy roll