Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mutton Mandi

Basmathi Rice (Sinnara): 2 ½ cups
Carrot: 1
Beans: 15-20
Capsicum: 1 (I didn’t add)
Dry lemon: 1 big
Maggi Chicken Cube: 1
Arabic Masala: ¾ tbsp.
Pepper Corns: 1tbsp

Mutton: 750gms
Arabic Masala: 1 ½ tbsp.
Salt: needed
Garam Masala: 1tsp (optional)
Lemon Juice: of 1 lemon
Olive Oil: 4tbsp

Coal: 1piece
Butter/ghee/olive oil: 4tbsp

Method Of Preparation
Wash and soak basmathi rice for about 1-2 hours. Drain it 10 minutes before cooking.
Wash mutton and marinate with arabic masala, salt, garam masala and lemon juice. Marinate for about 2 hours.
In a pressure cooker add the marinated mutton and 3 cups water. Keep on flame; wait for 3-4 whistles. Open the lid after the pressure releases. Take the mutton pieces out from it.
Check the quantity of mutton stock and make it to 4 cups by adding water if needed.
Heat olive oil in a pan, add the mutton pieces to it and keep in low flame. Flip in between till the mutton pieces become dark brown color.
Mean while  take another pan to cook rice. Add cut dry lemon, beans, capsicum, carrot, Arabic masala, chicken cubes, peppercorns and mutton stock. Check salt and add if needed.
Keep on flame, let it boil. When boils, add drained rice to it. Give a stir with a fork. Close with a air tight lid. When boils after adding rice put in very low flame. Don’t open the lid or don’t stir it. Switch off the flame after 20 minutes. Open the lid after 5 minutes.
Take a small steel plate/bowl add ghee to it. Heat the coal well on the gas flame.
Open the rice pan place the steel plate in the middle of rice. Spread the mutton pieces around it. Keep ready the lid in one hand, Put the hot coal into the steel plate with ghee. Close the lid fast.
Open the lid only after 10 minutes. So that the smoke spreads all over the rice and mutton.
Serve hot with salata hara


Love2cook Malaysia said...

I'm literally drooling here! So hungry looking at your Mutton Mandi :)

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

wow delicious and yummy looking dish. Is this similar to Biriyani or different dear?

Unknown said...

Looks very new to it biryani ?

Unknown said...

hi faseela, Happy new year. This looks so yummy. said...

Looks completely very new to hope tastes hot...gud 1.

Divya A said...

Wow drool worthy platter :) Superb recipe!!
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Faseela said...

@Saraswathy&Sireesha, it tastes entirely different from biriyani. I feel this tastes better than biriyani and easy to make as well. It is an Arabic rice.

Torviewtoronto said...

looks fabulous happy new year

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, such a droolworthy platter, who can resist to it, inviting and completely new for me.

divyagcp said...

This is new to me.. so delicious and inviting..

Asiya Omar said...

Very Traditional Preparation..

Kurryleaves said...

drooling here...i have not yet tried arabic masala ..need to get a pack to prepare this one ...will let you know..

Julie said...

Delicious & tempting too!!
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Abdul said...

For the first time, taste the juicy and scrumptious Mutton Mandi. You will not have tasted any tastier Mutton. Cooked to perfection and presented in traditional Arabic style, Laham Mandi is a must try.