Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grilled Butterflied Chicken

Chicken: 900gms
Kasmiri Chilli Powder: 2tbsp
Lemon juice: 4tbsp
Vinegar: 1tsp
Garam Masala: 1tsp
Salt: needed
Olive oil: 5-6tbsp (or as per required)

Method Of Preparation
The method to cut the chicken to butterfly
Butterflying chicken is a technique in which you remove the backbone from the chicken and flatten the chicken. It's a great technique to use if you're grilling a whole chicken because it will cook faster and more evenly than it would if it was whole. To butterfly a chicken, place it on a cutting board with the breast side down and the tail of the chicken facing you. Using kitchen shears, cut down the entire length of one side of the backbone. With the breast side still down, turn the chicken so that the neck end is facing you. Cut along the entire length of the other side of the backbone. Remove and discard the backbone. Turn the chicken over so that the breast side is up. Open the chicken out onto the cutting board. Flatten the chicken using the palm of your hand. (You can utilize the back bone for making chicken stock)

Wash the chicken well, I removed the chicken skin, you can do it either way.
In a bowl add kashmiri chilli powder, lemon juice, vinegar, garam masala, salt and 2tbsp olive oil. Mix it well with hand.
Marinate the chicken with the prepared marinate. Keep for 3-4 hours.
This time I grilled in the gas cooking range. Brushed the chicken in between while cooking with olive oil vigorously to avoid getting it dried. It took around 55-60 minutes in medium flame.
Serve hot with any roti of your choice.


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