Sunday, July 3, 2016



Jumbo Prawns: 10

Toothpicks: 10

Salt: needed

Lemon Juice: 2tbsp

Plain Flour: ½ cup

Corn Flour: 1tbsp

Rice Flour: 1tbsp

Baking Powder: ½ tsp

Salt: needed

Pepper powder: 1/4 tsp

Chilli powder: 2pinch

Oregano: ¼ tsp (optional)

Egg: 2

Oil: for deep fry

Method Of Preparation

Insert toothpick on each prawns so that it won’t swirl.

Just boil in some water by adding salt and lemon juice for 5minutes and drain the water and keep aside.

In a bowl add plain flour, rice flour, corn flour, baking powder, salt, pepper powder, chilli powder and oregano. Mix this well.

Take beaten eggs in another bowl.

First dip the prawns one by one each in egg and then roll it in the flour mix and again dip in egg and roll in flour.

Heat the oil in a wide pan and deep fry the prawn until they turn golden brown on both sides.

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