Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dates & Almond Squares

Dates ( Pitted): 140gms (soft dates)
Almonds: 150gms
Raisins: 4tbsp
Cocoa Powder: 1tbsp (Optional)

Method Of Preparation
In a blender add almonds and raisins and powder it coarsely.
Transfer it to a bowl.
Then add the dates and cocoa powder to the blender and blend.
Add the dates to the almond powder and mix everything well with hand to form a dough shape.
Then grease a plate and add the date mix to it and spread and press it well.
Refrigerate it for few minutes and cut into squaresand serve.

Note: I didn’t peel the almond, you can soak in water and peel off the skin.
Use soft dates or just microwave the dates for 1 min so that the dates turn bit soft.