Friday, February 24, 2012

Baked Doughnuts With Chocolate Glaze

Yeast: 1tbsp
Butter: ¾ cup
Flour: 2 ¼ cup
Sugar: 5tbsp
Eggs: 1
Vanilla Essence: 1tsp
Salt: 1tsp
Warm Milk: ½ cup (as needed to knead the dough)
Chocolate Glaze:
Milk: ¼ cup
Cooking Chocolate: 150gms
Sugar Powdered: ½ cup

Method of Preparation
Chocolate Glaze
In a microwave safe bowl add in the milk and chocolate pieces.
Microwave to about 3-4 minutes or till the chocolates melts well.
Remove from the oven and add in the powdered sugar.
Stir well keep aside. (Prepare this when your doughnuts goes to the oven)
In a bowl add yeast and warm milk. Keep aside for 5-8 minutes till it ferments.
In another bowl add butter and sugar and beat well.
Add in the eggs and mix well till it becomes fluffy n creamy.
Add in the vanilla essence and salt to it. Beat again.
Then add in the flour and yeast mix.
Knead well to form smooth dough.
Keep the dough for rising to about 2 hours.
Take the dough and roll to a rectangle shape and cut into a doughnut shape with a doughnut cutter. (I didn’t have a doughnut cutter, so I used a big and a small bottle cap)
Grease a baking tray and bake to about 20-25 minutes or till done.
Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack
Dip in the above prepared chocolate glaze and serve.

I dipped the doughnut while the chocolate is hot so it didn’t coat well, next time will not commit the same mistake.

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Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

Wow! Looks fantastic! I want some with a cup of coffee :)

Princy Vinoth said...

wow lovely!how sinlessly can we have such baked doughnuts!

cookbookjaleela said...

kids special doughnuts said...

u r just rocking vth baking recipes dear.nuts looks really so sweet........

Hema said...

A baked doughnut, you have made it healthy, looks awesome..

Suja Manoj said...

Love this healthy version..yum

Ramya said...

my daughter loved doughnuts..i think i should try these too..even i dont have a doughnut cutter..i have to try ur idea then

Unknown said...

Baked Doughnuts with Choco glaze sounds so delicious and yummy dear. Wanna grab one right away...

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Mélange said... will finish this within seconds.. Tempting one faseela.

Vimitha Durai said...

Looks so tempting and that too baked... Guilt free indulgence.

farah saleem said...

faseela....awesome recipe! love the fact that they are baked!...looks amazing!

hotpotcooking said...

I always wanted to doughnut. Looks delicious. Will try

Anjali Bapna Shukla said...!!
Bookmarked just at the first sight of it. You are wonderful, dear. :)

Spicy-Aroma said...

yummy doughnuts..wish i could grab one of it right now..looks so inviting!!
Kande Pohe

Sumee said...

wow.. baked doughnuts.. very nice Faseela.. thnx for linking it up

Sensible Vegetarian said...

Very yummy looking donut.

Anzz said...

What could be better than a healthy doughnut with a cup of hot coffee. Lovely recipe. Thanx for linking it .

Rasi said...

this looks very delicious.. just like one in shops!

Sangeetha M said...

wow...U rocking with all your new baked goodies...this sounds fantastic and looks so yummy!!
well done dear...
thanks for the entry..
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Roshu said...

Good job dear......if we have a doughnut tray we dont need to use the cutter ryt????

Julie said...

Who can resisit these p[erfect baked chocolaty doughnuts,lovely Faseela..Great job!!

Erivum Puliyum

Gloria Baker said...

look beauty Faseela!

Sravs said...

fantastic !! donuts look so awesome !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

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Vardhini said...

Never made donuts before and they look awesome. Thx for linking to the event.

simran said...

awesome!i always deep fry(!)the doughnuts that i make at home.........i love the fact that we can bake these.....lovely:)

Unknown said...

chocolate doughnuts looks yummy..

Christy Gerald said...

Wow!, very innovative try.Luv it as baked

preeti garg said...

love this chocolatty doughnut....


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Lifewithspices said...

perfectly baked..

Unknown said...

I'm certain my dogs would love these do-it-yourself treats! I've had issues with "doggie halitosis" before, and i am pretty certain that parsley helps lots. They sound very easy to create too. many thanks for sharing this direction. BTW, bailey is trying completely adorable! See more at homemade dog treats