Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sponge Cake With Chocolate Frosting

This is my first cake with frosting. From long time I was planning to make it but was not at all confident. Then I thought any way I will try it, I managed to do it but frosting part didn’t come up to my satisfaction. My son was behind me not allowing to do anything so I couldn’t get my full concentration on it. He wants me to finish the decoration and grab it. I couldn’t even click very nicely he was going on crying to have it. Actually I made this cake on Valentine’s Day but I was not able to post it the same day. The decoration part is not so perfect. The cake came out so smooth n moist. Here goes the recipe.
All Purpose Flour/ Maida: ¾ cup
Sugar: ¾ cup
Butter: 4tbsp
Eggs: 3
Vanilla: 1tsp
Baking Powder: ½ tsp
Salt: a pinch
Butter Icing
Unsalted butter: 25gms
Icing Sugar: ½ cups
Fresh Cream: 2tbsp
Chocolate frosting
Unsalted butter: 100gms
Icing Sugar: 2 cups
Fresh Cream: 5-6tbsp
Cocoa Powder: ½ cup (or as needed)
M&m’s mini chocolate

Method of Preparation
Beat butter and eggs till it becomes fluffy.
Add in sugar to it and beat well again.
Then add baking powder and vanilla essence. Beat well again
Then add in flour and salt to it and beat well to get a lump less batter.
Add this into a greased baking tray.
Pre heat the oven and bake to about 20-25 minute at 1800C or till cake test is done.
Remove the cake and let it cool completely on a wire rack.
I baked the cake in a round tray and a heart shaped tray.
Cut the round cake into two pieces.

Butter Icing
Beat butter and sugar till you get smooth consistency.
Then add the fresh cream and beat again.
Keep covered in refrigerator while you prepare the chocolate frosting.
Chocolate frosting
Beat butter and sugar well till you get the smooth consistency.
Then add in fresh cream beat well and cocoa powder to it and beat well till you get a thick paste. (You should get thick consistency for chocolate icing. So adjust cocoa powder accordingly)

Arranging and Frosting
Take a board and cover with a silver foil.
Apply little butter icing on the board where you are going to place the cake to decorate. (So that the cake will not move)
Place one round piece on it and apply butter icing on top well till it is covered.
Place the other round piece on top of it.
Take the heart shaped piece and apply the butter icing and place it on top.
Now apply chocolate icing on the cake till it is fully covered. Design according to ur taste.
Decorate with m&m’s as per your desire
Keep Refrigerated till you serve.

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Vimitha Durai said...

Looks so rich and yummy
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Interesting n look so nice with frosting...

simran said...

the frosting is looking glossy and divine!no wonder your son could'nt wait...cake too looks really nice and moist

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Cake looks awesome. Perfectly dane dear..

Raks said...

It looks so so chocolatey! YUmm!

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

The cake looks absolutely doubt your son wanted to grab it

Anjali Shukla said...

An extremely chocolaty tempting cake with just the perfect frosting on the top! Anyone would fall for it, dear. :)
Thanks for linking this one to my event. :) said...

ake looks just awesome dear. Perfectly done..u r is naughty in think.........

Hema said...

Looks superb, very rich and nicely decorated..

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Luks droolworthy and yumm Sponge Cake Dear.

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Cake looks lovely. Nice frosting too. Thx for linking to the event.

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It looks soo tempting.. No wonder he couldn't resist it :D

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lovely cake...chocolate frosting looks so tempting...well done!!
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Saranya said...

First time here..Awesome blog..Beautiful cake..

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For first time u have done good. I have never tried too. Looks delicious

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Cake looks very yummy...

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cakes looks yummy...frosting done perfectly..i love this..and clicks

Gloria Baker said...

ahaa Faseela look wonderful and yummy! My kids love MM chocolates!

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Love sponge cake with chocolate frosting. YUM!! I would love a slice. :)

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That looks lovely Faseela!. Sponge cake looks so moist. Nice one

Mélange said...

Can't ask for more..Super delicious!

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oh faseela........ur choc cake is to die for!!...looks so moist and the frosting looks so rich and thick! MMmmm.........

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yummy and chocolatey cake. Please collect top contributor award from my blog

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Fabulous recipe! The frosting is really tempting Faseela! Thanks for sharing :)