Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Banana-Bread Pudding

Wishing all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am commencing my year in a special way with yummy and tremendous pudding from my gorgeous sister. So happy to begin the year by presenting such lovely visual treats in front of you. Thank You so much and I am so happy, lucky and proud to get a wonderful sis like you dear. On to the recipe now

Recipe & Photo Courtesy: My Sister

Bread: 5 Slices
Sugar: 1 ½ cup & 1tbsp
Water: ¼ cup
Milk: 4 cups
China Grass: 10gms
Custard powder: 3full tsp
Banana/Plantain: 1 big
Cherry: 6
Ghee/butter: as needed to toast the bread
Semiya roasted in ghee for decoration

Method Of Preparation
1.     First prepare the caramel solution for that heat a nonstick pan and add 4tbsp sugar, low the flame and do not stir the sugar, when it melts completely add ¼ cup of boiling water to it and stir. Switch off the flame after 2minutes. Keep this aside.
2.     Slice the Banana and keep aside.
3.     Toast the bread in ghee and keep aside.
4.     Divide the milk to 2 parts, one for custard and other for china grass.
5.     Melt the china grass by adding ½ cup water. Boil two cups of milk by adding 1 cup sugar and when it boils lower the flame and keep it for 5 minutes low flame. Switch off the flame. Add the melted china grass at the same temperature of milk.
6.     To the other 2 cups of milk add custard powder and 1 cup sugar. Stir without lumps and keep on flame. Stir frequently till it thickens and switch off the flame.
7.     Take the sliced banana and add 3tbsp the caramel solution to it and keep aside.


Take the bowl in which you are preparing the pudding.
1.     Grease the bowl with ghee/butter
2.     Arrange or spread the cherries by cutting into small pieces or as it is in the bowl.
3.     Then add/spread the banana pieces above the cherries.
4.     Then spread the toasted bread pieces over the banana.
5.     Then add the china grass milk mix over the bread and add 2-3tbsp caramel solution over it and keep in refrigerator for 10-15minutes.
6.     The add the custard mix over it, add caramel solution and roasted semiya and again refrigerate it for 1 hour or till it sets.
7.     When sets, upside down it to a plate and cut and serve.