Monday, May 4, 2015

Vanilla Mug Cake

Maida/Plain Flour: 4tbsp
Milk: 3tbsp
Egg whisked: 3tbsp
Sugar: 4tbsp
Oil: 3tbsp
Baking Powder: ¼ tsp
Vanilla Essence: 1/2 tsp

Method Of Preparation
In a bowl add baking powder and maida. Mix it well.
Then add in and sugar, oil, vanilla essence, milk and egg.
Give it a stir without lumps; I just beat with an electric beater.
Pour this batter into a greased mug.
Microwave it in high power for 2 minutes.
Insert a toothpick and check whether it is done, if not keep for 30sec more.
Take out from the oven and enjoy.


cookbookjaleela said...

chutphut cake

Julie said...

quick n yummy cake dear !